Loyalty Marketing

Universal Customer Loyalty Marketing

UC Exchange has long been associated with various leading IT institutions to provide utmost IT solution and business practices to individual and corporate clients. Most of clients are in different sort of areas and company background, but their goals are in common to increase revenue! Thus, to learn customer’s buying habits, household information and preferences, and effectively manage customer relationships become a vital elements in nowadays marketing. However, the fact is most of the managers are struggling to this new challenge.

Amongst all of our services, Universial Customer Loyalty Marketing (UCLM®) becomes the cornerstone marketing programs for recent years. People might not understand what customer relationship management or loyalty marketing, but Rewarding Point System are popular enough for most customer. From time to time, clients and corporate management are vexed in acquiring way to get in touch with the market. The most changeling issues might come to the lack of market data, lack of fiscal back-up or a reliable channel that ably get in touch into their valuable clients purchase behavior/sale data. More than that, Manager somehow finds the most expensive marketing solution might not possibly get the result as they were expected. It turns out not only wasting money but linger away the development time to the market.

To provide an exit to these problems, UCLM has its all. It is not merely an email sending solution, but indeed placed emphasis on management and data analyses program. It directly points toward the multidisciplinary of marketing needs; business continual development planning, pinpointing the aimed target and retaining customers with the latest & convenient loyalty marketing program.

In spite of building a close interaction among new customers and target audiences, our universal customer loyalty marketing system enhance opportunities to move ahead rapidly than is possible. Advancement depends on merit and we have found our clients would eventually become the leader that caters for a vital area of community needs.

UCLM® applies to all companies intend to build up customer relationship or recruit membership base assocations. Industries such as travelling (air mileage, hotel), retailing (credit card, shopping mall, supermarket and luxury brands) and games (arcade or internet game) are popular in using the sytem together with all kinds of marketing campaigns.