How to use the webmail system for sending email?

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How to use the webmail system for sending email?

1. After login, Main menu will be display on screen.

A: Check for new messages.
B: Create a new message.
C: Reply to sender..
D: Reply to sender and all recipients.
E: Forward the message.
F: Move message to trash.
G: Mark as Junk.
H: Mark messages.
I: More actions. Included: Print this message, Download (.eml), Edit as new, Show source, Open in new window.

Button bar at the bottom left:

Compact all emails.
Empty the folder.
Select all mail.
Select all unread mail.
Invert selected mail.
Cancel all selection.
Disk usage:  
Disk usage display in %
  e.g. [1.2MB/200MB (1%)]

2. Send New Email

a. Click on Create a new message to start.
b. Insert the information in text boxes.
c. After insert the information, select Send now to send or Cancel to cancel.

A: Back to message list.
B: Send now.
C: Check spelling.
D: Attach a file. An upload window might show out in attachment area. Browse the file in
local PC and then click Upload to attach the file.
E: Save this draft.