Award Winning of Caring Company

We are pleased to announce that UC Exchange Company Limited has been awarded the Caring Company Logo of 2009-2010 conferred by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The Caring Company Logo is surely a significant recognition of our enduring efforts in caring for the community and achieving our commitment to realize the duties as a corporate citizen over the years.

The purpose of Caring Company Logo is to recognize private companies, which demonstrate good corporate citizenship. UCEX is proud to have accomplished the following five criteria since last year.

  • Volunteering
  • Giving
  • Mentoring
  • Caring for the Employee
  • Caring for the Environment

UCEX believes that it is the reciprocal efforts of different parties in Hong Kong to survive a healthy economy and safeguard the prosperity of the society. Thus, UCEX will make enduring contributions to support needy or minority, realize our social responsibilities to be a caring company for the sustainable stability of the Hong Kong society.

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